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Exams Training is the training section of The Exams Office. All training is devised and delivered by the experts who launched The Exams Office, and in conjunction with key stakeholders including JCQ awarding organisations.

Training events are delivered by at least two presenters and event support staff at quality venues across England. An annual overseas training event is also held in Dubai each November.

For additional course information and to book your place click here. Online training : If an online version of this training event is produced, it will be made available to all delegates. This includes those who cancel within 14 days of the event or fail to attend on the day. Online training : If online versions of these training events are produced, they will be made available to all delegates. Delegates will also focus upon regulation changes which impact upon the exams series.

A half-day training event to support exams officers in managing and administering exams result day s and post-results services.

training 2020 ltd

The following areas are covered:. For additional course information click here. Free training sessions are held for new invigilators and exams officers planning to host training sessions in their centre. These sessions will be held at various locations across the country during March Please note that free places are only available to members of The Exams Office. Morning sessions are from 9.

For additional information click here. See our Terms and Conditions for full information. Please note that refunds are not given if a cancellation is made within 14 days of the event or if you fail to attend on the day. Those cancelling within 14 days or failing to attend on the day will be sent the course materials, and if an online training version has been produced, a link to the online training. Book Now - Click Here. Coronavirus update Please visit The Exams Office website for the latest updates relating to the summer exams series.

The following areas are covered: Planning and preparation Key documents and resources Briefing candidates and staff Managing results Understanding and interpreting results Managing Post-Results Services Retaking qualifications Managing certificates For additional course information click here. New Invigilator training — Free to attend training event bookings will be taken from January Free training sessions are held for new invigilators and exams officers planning to host training sessions in their centre.

Click to book. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Read more.Peakware Academy. Aztech Training and Consultancy. GoldStead Resources Company Limited. Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development.

training 2020 ltd

Alpha Partners. Nigerian Institute of Management. PetroKnowledge Training. Newways Consulting. Tom Associates Training. Francis Consulting. JK Michaels Consulting. Angelus Consulting and Research Limited. Data-Afrique Consultants. Datastat Research Center. Timeline Global Link Consulting. Uphilos Consultancy. Citadel for Technological and Engineering Dev. McTimothy Associates. Fontini Consulting Ltd. Windsor Training and Consulting Nigeria Limited.

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria.

Afriex Training. LCL Coaches Consultants. Capacity for Africa. Tenol Alpha. Symantic Consulting. TSI Limited. Foscore Development Center. This Bid and Tender Management in the oil and gas Skills training course, delivered by expert trainers, supplies delegates with an understanding of the bid and tender process, and how to build a If you desire leadership at its best with creativity and peak performance, then you have chosen the right training course.

This highly popular course allows delegates to understand the best Like it or not, every workplace is a political environment. At the upper level, a large part of Both leadership and management in the 21st Century are becoming increasingly more complex.

Typically, organizations in both the public and private sectors are facing changes driven by political,PDF Excel. Available also for Customised Tr. Programme Description A training to deliver the requirements of Administrative Officers, so they are brought up-to-da. Career Sponsor Imperative: Who's pulling for you?

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Who's putting your hat in the ring? Sylvia Ann Hewlett. Getting two ears and one mouth was not an accident. Even at this, some people have one too many mouths. Guy Kawasaki in Selling the Dream.

training 2020 ltd

You've got to have vision, and that vision must be grounded in reality. Put it in writing. Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage the shorter can be your trip. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is ready cash: you must utilise it judiciously. Hello new graduates, forget looking in the job market and start looking into job that needs doing! Whenever you see a successful business, someone had once made a courageous decision.

View Courses. Conducive Classrooms. Welcome to Tom Associates Training Keep the quality up. Cutting Edge Courses. Talented Trainers. Advanced Search. Select Location Kwara Lagos. Find Course. All Upcoming Courses Browse the list of all our courses for the year to enable you plan ahead Details.

Our Media Library Browse our library to find career changing information Details. See all courses. Without action, the world would still be an idea. General Georges F. Before perfection, the goal is progress. Keep Your Quality Up. Tom Associates Training. Business Management and Strategy Programmes. Computer Skills Programmes.

Customer Service Programmes. Financial Management and Accounting Programmes. Human Resources Management Programmes.The retailer saw great gains in learning and development in with a new virtual leadership learning environment; cutting-edge leveraging of technology; and a continued emphasis on building a high-performing, inclusive workforce.

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Fueled by its mission of Serving Others —both customers and employees—Dollar General Corporation, LLC, rang up another 1 ranking on the Training Topearning the retailer induction into the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame in after finishing in the Top 10 for four consecutive years. At MasTec Utility Services, employee training can mean the difference between life and death. In addition to ensuring employee safety and improved performance, MasTec Utility Services' training gives team members a chance to grow as professionals and achieve their goals and dreams.

So early success factors are best measured by the integration of people and processes. This article will explore challenges, common mistakes, and solutions around organizational integrations. Learn more Training magazine reveals the winners of its inaugural crowd-sourced vendor awards program: the Training Magazine Network Choice Awards.

Click here for more information. Training magazine, published by Lakewood Media Group, is a professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Live and online access to Training magazine's most popular Certificate Programs.

Get the training you need from the comfort of your office — no travel required! Learn More About the Training Top Improve workplace performance using learning technologies. Dollar General Does It Again! The retailer adds a second consecutive 1 ranking on the Training Top to its inventory. With most countries implementing social distancing and work-from-home policies due to COVID, companies now are pivoting—often degrees—to manage, train, and motivate hundreds of thousands of employees from a distance.

Here is a comprehensive—and continuously updated—listing of tools and resources from the training industry that can help. Nominate a Emerging Training Leader Today! Posted: March 5, MasTec Utility Services Is Wired For Learning In addition to ensuring employee safety and improved performance, MasTec Utility Services' training gives team members a chance to grow as professionals and achieve their goals and dreams.

And The Winners Are Every employee has the opportunity to bring business into the company. Train them to take advantage of it. No matter how advanced and efficient a new technology solution is, it will not be as effective if the key users are not percent on board. Mission Accomplishment Posted: April 14, Great leaders consistently accomplish the mission and take care of their team. To do so, they must be able to effectively command, coach, and mentor every member of their team—just not the same amount with every teammate.

In a recent global study, the World Health Organization concluded that bythere will be a shortage of It is imperative for all stakeholders of the health industry to start taking measures to counter or mitigate the impacts of the impending shortfall.Begin with our self-paced e-Learning and start designing with Design right away.

Each training video is less than 10 minutes long, and you can review them all or select the topics that are most important to your business. Learn how to efficiently plan in Design. We will focus on accurately drawing architecture, placing cabinetry and present your design through reports, plans and renderings.

Learn more. This Design training course will focus on the details of Design. We understand that training is not always one-size-fits-all.

Are you looking for classroom training but have a large group? Maximize your training investment with a custom on-site class, where our professional training team will work with you to create an agenda that fits your needs. Are you looking for training for yourself or a small group, or would you like to improve your technical skills in one specific area?

Book a custom online class and our professional design training team will work with you to create an agenda that fits your needs. Get a head start with Design Training. Maximize your investment by becoming a more knowledgeable and efficient user.

Custom Build your own agenda for an online or onsite class. Step 1 — Getting Started with Design: 4 hours 20 mins of self-paced learning Ideal for new users. Step 2 — Going In Depth with Design: 4 hours of self-paced learning Ideal for new and experienced users. Join us for both classes and learn Design from beginning to end. Request a custom class at your office Are you looking for classroom training but have a large group? Preparation and development of coursework for your team.

A two-day on-site training at your office. Request a custom online class Are you looking for training for yourself or a small group, or would you like to improve your technical skills in one specific area? Preparation and development of coursework for your session. One hour or more of online training via WebEx. Get a quote for Design Training. Find the Training that is right for you! Learn more about Training.To explore our range of classroom courses, you can select a category from the list below.

You can view our complete list of courses here or simply use the search bar at the top of the page to find the course for you. To explore our range of live online and on demand courses, you can select a category from the list below. UK Training has been one of the market leaders in business training for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our ability to continually deliver the most up-to-date, practical and relevant courses to our thousands of customers.

You can find out much more about us and what we do by using the links below. This practical one-day course will help you to understand the different ways in which your commercial environment is changing.

It will help you to recognise the threats and illustrate the steps you can take now to protect your business and take advantage of the opportunities. Find out more. Understanding how the GDPR has been enforced so far will help organisations to understand the future direction of enforcement policy and identify the key focus areas in coming months and years.

This half-day course will provide an essential update for anyone responsible for data protection compliance within their organisation. From Aprilmedium and large businesses in the private sector will be required to apply the off-payroll rules that have previously been in force in the public sector.

This course will give you a complete understanding of the IR35 rules and how they will affect your organisation. This half-day course clearly explains when the new reverse charge mechanism should be applied to construction services.

It will also demonstrate how the administration of the reverse charge works and how this in turn affects the VAT return. Although all 28 countries in the EU follow a common system of VAT, there are significant differences in each country. This half-day course will ensure that you understand everything you need to know about the Italian system of VAT.

This two-day course gives an outline of the skills needed within an organisation to deliver successful projects irrespective of the methodologies applied. It draws upon industry best practice from a variety of market sectors to illustrate why some projects are successful whilst others may flounder.

This half-day course will ensure that you understand everything you need to know about the Spanish system of VAT. This comprehensive one-day course will introduce you to all the key criminal finance legislation and lead you step-by-step through the process of recognising, assessing and managing the anti-money laundering and financial crime risks to your business.

This essential course will guide you through everything you need to know about Making Tax Digital and what procedural changes you need to put in place to ensure you are compliant with the new requirements.

UK Training has been delivering training in various financial and legislative subjects for over 30 years. Tens of thousands of people from thousands of the UK's leading organisations have benefited from our training. More than 90 of the top UK companies have nominated people to attend our training courses and seminars.

Presented by highly regarded experts, our wide range of classroom courses are presented at venues across the UK and cover many of the most challenging areas of business including VAT, Company Law, Finance, Payroll and much more.

Leading the way with our innovative approach to online learning, we have an have an ever growing list of online course titles which are designed to offer you the same learning experience as the classroom from the convenience of your desk, mobile or tablet.

If you have a number of people who require training, then our inhouse option could be for you. All our courses can be delivered inhouse, meaning you receive the same highquality training but with greater relevance to your business. This course helps people involved in the preparation and maintenance of records understand VAT and the importance of completing VAT returns correctly.

This full-day course examines the rules and regulations of UK payroll processing under the RTI reporting regime. The role of a company director is an important one and it carries many duties and responsibilities that are imposed by corporate governance rules and legislation. Keeping up to date with all of these requirements while still trying to carry out your day-to-day work can be a considerable challenge.

20/20 Project Management Training

This practical and comprehensive one-day course will clearly explain the duties and responsibilities of a company secretary - equipping you with the essential knowledge to succeed in this challenging role. This practical full-day course will clearly explain the rules relating to benefits in kind and expenses and guide you through the completion of the P11D return. The Government has announced a number of significant changes to the handling and reporting of benefits in kind, some of which will take effect as early as April This course explains how a UK organisation should account for VAT on its transactions of goods and services with overseas customers and suppliers.

This course will lead to more efficient handling of international VAT within your organisation, reducing the risks of fines and penalties.Thank you. Your payment is being processed and a confirmation has been emailed to you. All Courses APM. Online Accredited Training Programmes.

Learn more. AgilePM Foundation. Project Contract Management. Project Cost Management. Project Governance. Project Business Case. Project Planning. Project Scope Management. Project Quality Management. Project Risk Management. Online MSc Project Management. Project Communication Management. Project Controls Bundle Package. Introduction to Project Controls.

Next Steps Becoming a Chartered Manager. Managing Safely.

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